Hengfeng specializes in manufacturing radial tires widely used in passenger car, SUV, truck and bus and in all seasons with excellent performance, which are well-reputed all over the world.


Hengfeng has built a strong quality assurance system and its products are accredited with certificates of ISO9001, TS16949, DOT, ECE, GCC, INMETRO, CCC, BIS, SNI, SONCAP, etc. .


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How often do car tires change? Also pay attention to whether the tread, shoulders, sidewalls, etc. are traumatized

For example, the tire surface has obvious cracks, bulges, deformations, and nails. Once the tire is deformed and bulged, it proves that the metal coil inside the tire has been deformed or broken. If y

How often do car tires change? Also need to pay attention to the actual mileage

Generally, the normal driving kilometers are about 40,000-60,000 kilometers. After this number of kilometers is exceeded, the driving risk will be greatly increased. In a driving environment dominated

How often do car tires change? It should also be determined based on tire shelf life

Some car owners bought the car, but for various reasons kept the car in the underground garage, and rarely drove it out. Although the tires of such a car do not have much wear, you should still pay at

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